Investing in a new lawnmower can be exciting, especially for those who haven’t purchased one in the past few years. The technology has actually gotten quite far, and some models exist that even drive themselves around the garden. However, with so many unique features on various models, it’s often difficult to understand which features are actually worth investing.

So let’s take a closer look at some of the top features of modern lawn mowing machines, as well as how they could benefit an individual who enjoys keeping a clean, trimmed lawn.

Features that Enhance Ease-of-Use

Because many people who enjoy keeping their gardens in prime condition mow their lawns several times a week, features that improve the convenience and comfort of the experience are very important. As a daily or even biweekly chore, mowing the lawn can become extremely frustrating if the machine doesn’t start easily or requires extra effort to kick into gear.

This is why the following features are actually worth the investment when purchasing a new mower, as recommended by helpful review sites like

Electric Starters – Although many of the electric models can’t provide quite the same amount of power as gas-powered variants, one of the greatest benefits they offer is the electric starter function. Gone are the days of tugging on a starter cord several times and straining the back, and now are the days of “Press To Start” buttons that do all of the hard work for you.

Automatic Chokes – For people who still want the power of a gas-powered machine but don’t want to endure the strain of pulling the cord several times, some gas-powered models come equipped with auto-chokes. These control the flow of fuel to help provide an easy start, often with a single pull of the starter cord.

Self-Propelling – This feature is excellent for elderly people or for those with inclined gardens, as the mower is capable of pulling itself forward – thus requiring very little effort from the operator. This is particularly beneficial for large gardens or those with relatively steep inclines, which would otherwise require a fair amount of effort to mow.

Performance and Capabilities

After considering ease-of-use, performance is next on the list of priorities for mower features. It’s not always worth the investment choosing a cheaper model to save some cash, because often the cheaper models don’t last very long, with many of the features breaking down or becoming faulty over the first few months. As such, many people greatly value the following features.

Durability – When buying a lawnmower, many users value durability above many other features, repairs and replacements are often unnecessarily costly. As such, it’s prudent to avoid plastic designs and choose a durable model that will continue to last with simple maintenance.

Cutting Deck Size – Another fine feature to consider is the size of the cutting area underneath. A cutting deck of even two inches wider can make a big difference if a lawn is 400 inches long, and can save a surprising amount of time and effort.

Trimming Collection – Some mowers shoot the trimmings out to the side, while others collect it in a bag or container. Some models even have a mulching feature that automatically rips the grass apart to help create fertilizer. This feature is not as important as the two above, but is certainly something to consider.

Taking the Mowing Experience a Step Further

For people who truly want to take mowing to the next level, there are also uniquely designed models that can take the effort out of mowing, turn the chore into an adventure or even offer multi-functionality.

One such example of this is the robotic mower, which utilizes similar technology to robotic vacuum cleaners. These little machines scurry about the yard, keeping the grass trimmed and avoiding any obstacles in the way. What makes these techno-savvy models so great is that they can be programmed to run at any time, so that owners can wake up each morning with freshly trimmed grass.

Another fine example of true innovation in the lawn mowing industry is the Raven hybrid riding mower, which is primarily a driving lawnmower, but also doubles up as an ATV once the bottom attachment is removed. And to make the deal even better, the ATV can then be utilized as a generator on site for owners of large properties or farms – or even to power a small bar fridge for day trips to a local lake or river.

While there are certainly many features to consider when purchasing a new mower, the best lawnmowers will be the models that cater to the unique needs of each individual. As such, it’s important to take all of the different features into account, and consider visiting helpful review sites, before rushing in and simply buying the most attractive or powerful model.