While it is an easy task finding a web template that suits your purpose and business model, you might find it a bit tricky getting a template that suits your type of website design prowess. Before you go ahead and grab that web template and start modifying the theme and contents, you need to take a few factors into consideration.

Determine WHY You Need the Website in the First Place

You first have to ask yourself what purpose the website will serve in the business before you choose the ultimate template. For instance, do you plan to use the website as an information portal for the business or do you wish to use it to promote your products? With thousands of web templates available to choose from, you need to understand exactly what you desire to get out of the site.

Once you understand what the website is going to represent, you need to go to a templates category and check out the features of each of the available templates. Only then will you get the right one that suits your objectives.

Know WHAT You Need

Web templates come with various preset features. However, you might not be able to use all these features in designing your website. Before getting the template, have a checklist of the features you plan to use in designing your website. Once you have the features listed down, you can identify and acquire the various plugins you need for each feature. Compare the plugins you need with what has been provided by the template and make the necessary adjustments.

A look and feel of your website is fine, but most important is the ability to hook your visitors in just a matter of seconds. The features you include in your website should give the visitor a reason to stay some more and come back for more business.

Another thing that you need to be able to make use of these templates is relevant, useful and high-quality content. Content comes in form of images, videos and articles. Make sure you have all the content you need prior to starting the design of the website.

A domain and external hosting is mandatory for you to use these web templates. Pay for hosting depending on how long you need to host the site, and go for a domain that will reflect the services you are offering.

Know HOW Other Businesses are Doing It

Once you have the answers to the query above, it is time to do some research. You wouldn’t want your site to adopt a trend that is long gone. The best way to do this is to check out the prevailing trends on the market regarding website design especially in your niche. It is vital that you stay in line with the advancements in web design. No matter the niche you are trading in, your website ought to be state of the art and reflect your professionalism.

Some of the things you can do to have your visitor hooked include:



    • Grab the attention of the visitor fast. Make sure you have an attention-grabbing headline or image that reinforces the reason why the visitor came to your site in the first place. Make use of the top 5-8 inches of space on your home page to do this.


    • Use anchor texts the right way. Make sure you show your visitors the information they are looking for via anchor texts in your menus. Show them at first glance that you have the right information and they can easily get to it. Don’t go for fancy drop down menus.


    • Offer easy navigation and interpretation of your site. This gives your visitors an easy time as well as search engine bots. These bots help to rank you highly in search engine results pages (SERPs)


    • Make each page of your website unique. The web template you choose will come with a single set of Meta tags spread across all the pages. Change the Meta tags for each page and make them unique for the content on that page. Remember, search engines rank individual pages, not the whole website.

These and many other tips help you stay relevant in the market and ahead of the pack.

Know WHEN You Need to Have the Site Up and Running

You need to have timelines in your design pattern. Make sure you understand the how long the web design will take so that you know how soon you need to have the web template installed and ready.

Know WHERE to Get the Right Template

Using a template enables you to save time and money. However, not everyone will give you the right template you desire in order to set up your websites. Weebly templates should be your first consideration if you are serious about your business. They are premium templates that are easy to install and set up.