rowing-machine2015 has brought with it a whole lot of developments in the technological industry. This is especially so in the world of boat rowing machines. This is year has definitely seen some very powerful machines being created. The best part of the story is that you can purchase these machines online. They come at the most competitive prices and the with the best rowing machine reviews in 2015 available to guide you rest assured that you will be treated a whole lot of options. The selection that you make depends on a variety of factors.

Type of rower

There are basically four types of rowers available in the market for you to purchase. They include the hydraulic rower, Stamina Air Rowermagnetic, air and water rowers. The hydraulic rower is the cheapest and probably the most common one of them all. The water rower is the best because it offers exceptional resistance and the performance is just out of this world. Either way, they all have their pros and cons. If you are looking for a the best rowing machine in 2015 then the Concept2 Model D and the Stamina Air Rower rank highly if the type of rower is the consideration you are making.

Storage versatility

Storage is an integral piece of everything that you are purchasing. There is no way that you will want to purchase something that will congest your home. There are rowers that can comfortably fit your specific space requirements. There are those that fold and others that are fixed. Folding rowing machines take up less space and are very easy to store. The fixed ones utilize a bit more space but tend to be a bit more durable than their folding counterparts. Again Concept2’s Model D makes it at the top of the list when you considered its storage versatility.

Features of the machine

rowing machinesEveryone wants a rowing machine that brings with it a whole lot of features. Luckily the best rowing machine reviews in 2015 have detailed out the incredibly good number of features that are available in these machines. The LifeSpan Fitness RW1000 rowing machine is touted to be among the best. It comes with an LCD console which gives feedback related to distance, time, strokes per minute and so much more. The Stamina Air Rower also offers a monitor that keeps track of your speed, distance, time and calories burned.

Pay for quality

The best rowers at are priced quite reasonably considering the number of features that they have to offer and the performance that they provide. Price should not be the first consideration that you make. This is because you can find very costly machines that do not provide the power that you need. At the same time you find can very cheap machines that give you even better performance than most of the highly priced rowers.

Generally, you can get a high quality rowing machine with anything between $299 and $1200. As a matter of fact 1200 is pushing so hard. The finest of rowing machines in 2015 cost something in the neighborhood of $300.