Just recently I realized that getting a good and cheap recliner chair is a difficult task than I anticipated. Trying to choose between various sizes, styles, upholstery, size and even the features made me feel overwhelmed and uncertain of what I wanted. For that reason, I prepared a simple buying guide with informative tips that will help buyers when it comes to finding a perfect and cheap recliner chair.


One of the first things that I decided to take into consideration was the budget. It is evident that recliner chairs come at different prices and setting my spending limit helped narrow down the options. In most cases, the amount that a buyer is ready to spend on a recliner will determine which features and functions to be added.  Even though I can get an affordable recliner that will fit my budget, what I knew is that needed to be more careful. Note that the quality of the materials utilized in the construction of the recliner will have an impact on the price. Back in my mind, I knew that I need a perfect chair that will regularly be replaced.

Type and style of the recliner

To make sure I chose the best recliner chair, I started selecting the type of the chair I wanted before thinking about the features, colour, and upholstery. There are three main types of recliners available, and each has got its benefits.

  • Wall saver recliners
  • Push-back recliners
  • Two position recliners

In over ten decades, the two position recliners have been modified by adding two innovative features. The chair comes with an attached footrest, and they are fully reclined an upright. The chairs require at least a space of 3 feet behind them so that they can fully recline. Note that these types of chairs are not suitable for small space, but they are well-designed and easy to use. They are fitted with a pull tab that will recline the chair and bring it to its upright position.

The majority of these affordable recliner chairs can as well rock while others are fitted with wheels and a matching ottoman. Note that in most cases, the style of the chair will vary from sleek and modern to the overstuffed and traditional.  With this, getting a perfect and cheap recliner chair is an easy task.


It is evident that all recliners are constructed differently, and some are of high quality than others. To refrain from making costly mistakes, I had to consider some things like metal coils are meant to offer support and are a perfect preference for someone with a lower back pain problem. Thick cushions will provide the comfort I needed, and I considered the recliners that use synthetic foam for their padding since it stops the springs from poking through.

The base of the recliner chair is another thing to consider, and this will affect the price of the recliner. The majority of recliners are constructed with a particle board base that can last for a few years if used properly.


It is evident that leather is the commonly used material in making recliners and the good thing is that some of them are surprisingly cheap. It can be a hard task to clean a recliner made of leather, and it is important to note that the quality will also vary. The leather is a good fire resistant, and they will always look great in almost any room.

Also, most clients will go for microfiber materials. This is a perfect preference for those clients with pets and kids because it is long-lasting and easy to wash. Since the texture of the microfiber will vary, it is easy to get a perfect color and pattern that will complement my home. Microfiber is known to wrinkle easily, but this is never a pressing issue when it is used to cover the chair. This fabric is long-lasting, and it is resistant to stain, and it can be cleaned easily, something that is beneficial to clients who have toddlers.


Note that Recliners are constructed with various features. Some recliners have inbuilt massagers that help in getting rid of tiredness, sore muscles while some come with heating functions. Note that the heated and massaging recliner chairs will come with a remote and they all come with one or two cup holders on the arms.