A BMW is one of the nicer, more powerful of the European built cars – it’s sleek, has a powerful engine, is nice to drive and will last the mile with quality European parts. It’s always a good idea to be consistent with servicing your car, especially if it’s a BMW and you’re wanting to keep it running for as long as possible.

The more frequently you maintain it and make sure that everything is still running smoothly, the better it will run and the more reliable it will be on a day to day basis. You don’t want to wait until it breaks down to fix it – practicing a few elementary codes of maintenance could save you hundreds on repairs in the long run. Here are three ways to keep your BMW in check.

Method 1

The first way to keep a regular eye on your BMW to make sure that it is performing at its best is keeping the fuel tank topped up. While it can be tempting to drip feed it $20 at a time, especially when pay day is still a little while away and it’s pretty painful putting $80 in at a time, your car and its engine will thank you for going to full nine yards. There are a couple of reasons for this recommendation, but the primary – and most expensive – one is to do with heat. Liquids tend to do an excellent job at deferring too much heat from something, and this is what fuel does for your engine. If there’s not enough fuel in the tank pumping through the engine, it is at risk of overheating and eventually after doing this too often, failing altogether. You don’t want to replace your engine!

Method 2

The second way to keep your BMW beautiful, healthy and running smoothly is by checking its tires regularly. The more worn down your tires are, the less tread they have and the more dangerous your car is to drive. If your powerful BMW lacks traction in the tires, you have a much higher risk of losing grip on the road and potentially getting into a serious accident – one where either you are injured, or your car is. Just having tires that are in good condition can also save you fuel too – the harder your car and engine have to work out there on the road, the more fuel you use with each drive. For an excellent BMW servicing garage, check out BMW servicing | Essex – they have all the resources and skilled mechanics you need, specializing in BMW’s so you know that you are in the best of hands.

Method 3

The third way to keep your BMW in check is to keep up with small maintenance repairs and parts that are going to need replacing now and then, but are easy to replace. This includes all the exterior lights, both on the front and back, and the windshield wipers. If you can’t see through your windscreen when it’s raining, you can’t drive your car. Letting the windscreen wipers deteriorate over time can mean increasing the danger of driving, and if they’re bad enough, potentially damaging your windshield as well. It’s also always a good idea to keep an eye on those lights – that’s all you need to be pulled over by the police, and you don’t want to have to pay a hefty fine for a part that you could have replaced for $5. Having a safer car on the road means that your chances of an accident are lower, immediately extending your cars life.


BMW’s are a great, powerful, enjoyable car to own and drive, so it’s worth investing the time and energy to keep it around for as long as possible. The more frequently you check up on the vital signs, the less you’ll have to pay in the long run as you will be able to prevent even bigger repairs and malfunctions from occurring. To make the most of owning a BMW, make sure that you’re taking care of it properly so that it still drives just as good at the 20-year mark as it did the day you bought it.