The need for efficiency in production is on the rise. Customers are looking for reliability and consistency in quality at all times. As you expand your company, you get more customers, with the need to fulfil more orders. But you find that fulfilling more orders is a hurdle due to different factors. One of the issues that arise for most manufacturers is consistent and proper product marking.

Before you release any product on the market, you need to add a mark such as a seal, a serial number, product information or a stamp. The kind of material also comes into focus, with metal and steel being a tough material to handle. The solution to this entire issue is dot peen marking, one of the innovative ways to add identification mark on your items.

The versatility of Dot Peen Marking Equipment

Whether you are dealing with tough manufacturing material such as steel or fragile material like glass, dot peen technology makes it easy for you to enjoy inscribing solutions. Dot peen machines have evolved and you can now get a handheld solution from MarkinBox that makes the whole process fast and easy.

The Need for Efficient Marking Systems

As times change, the demand for faster processing times and high-quality products increases. If you are going to survive the needs of the consumers in this century, you need to go the extra mile in making sure you process much faster and produce consistently high-quality items.

Remember that the time you take to inscribe markings on an item affects the daily production and the revenue. It is therefore vital that you find a way to make the process faster and more efficient. Dot peen technology is one of the ways to achieve the speed and efficiency that you need. Doing this not only saves you time and money but also increases your revenue.

Traditionally, you had to use manual stamping or CNC engraving. These two were very slow and cumbersome, and you could not apply the processes to different materials. The need for faster processing is on the rise, with buyers looking for a quick turnover for their orders.

Why Use Dot Peen Technology?

The good news is that you have a reliable and more efficient solution to your production process. The dot peen marking technology has brought a new way to handle the marking and allows you to automate the process, therefore increasing the speed of production.

The benefits of this technology are manifold – you provide a permanent engraving on different surfaces ranging from plastic to steel. The technology offers you the capacity to make continuous lines or dots on different materials, leading to clear, neat marks.

The technology is a low investment and uses low-cost consumables. The machine is low maintenance and provides a quick return on investment.

Bonus Tip: Highly Accurate

The marker uses a software controlled system for high accuracy on different materials. Once you come up with the design to be etched on the surface, you leave the rest to the machine to do its work.