It is the mail that you dread receiving each week (or whenever you get it): bills. Not a single person on the face of this earth, and that is a bold statement, enjoys paying several hundred dollars for insurance, electricity, water, student loans, rent, and various other bills each month. Unfortunately, some of them you can’t alter no matter how much you try. But, there are ways that you can cut down certain bills all by the decisions you make in your home (especially the electric bill). The next time you get them and are livid that they are so high, try out these methods to reduce some of them.

Install a Water Softener

A wise man once said you must spend money, to make money. Quick question, does your home have a water softener? If not, then you strongly need to consider having one installed. Above all else, it will reduce your electricity bill. But how? Basically, the magnesium and calcium that is present in hard water will create scale buildup in your pipes and all appliances that utilize the water. Thus, your hot water heater will end up working harder than it should; using more energy to compensate for the clogging. A water softener will transform that hard water into soft water, eliminating the issue. However, choosing the right water softener is not the easiest task in the world. To help you out, SoftWaterFiltration has taken time out of their busy schedules to illustrate some of the best versions on the market.

Unplug Appliances and Devices Not in Use

If it is possible, this may be the easiest and hardest method to follow. How does that make any sense? Because all it takes is a little effort on your part but you must remember to do it. Whenever you are finished using an appliance or device that will no longer be in use, unplug it. Do not do this with your refrigerator, freezer, or any appliance that needs to be running constantly. Instead, do so for microwave ovens, toasters, fans, etc. Of course, this can also be as simple as learning to shut off the lights in your home!

Use Surge Protectors

Truthfully, this could have been an extension of the previous entry. But, it deserves special recognition. For those of you unaware, surge protectors and power strips are not the same devices. Surge protectors are designed to prevent damage to any devices plugged into it, as well as properly maintain the voltage level going through each connection. When you are finished using whatever is plugged into it (which typically is home entertainment devices), you can simply switch the surge protector off and all voltage is cut off. Thus, you will not waste unnecessary energy.

Consider Cancelling Your Cable Provider

So far, this entire list has been ways for you to reduce your energy usage. This should not come as a surprise as it is one of the few bills that is based on consumer usage. However, it is not the only bill that you can reduce or flat out dismiss. Have you ever considered cutting your cable? The better question maybe, how often do you actually watch television? With the world shifting towards Netflix and online streaming, television is not required to watch your favorite shows. In addition, there are hundreds of different apps that offer live streaming for various networks. Faceit, cable is becoming obsolete and it may be time you shut it down.

Use Window Fans in the Summer

Running an air conditioner can be a catalyst to many people’s high Consumers bill in the summer. On specific days, there is literally no way to get around running one (unless you want to be utterly miserable). But, on slightly hot days you may be able to get away with running window fans. The reason for window fans, in specific, is they can push all the warm air out of your home. Having other fans running alongside with them is not a bad idea, either. Whatever the case, running fans will consume less energy than running your air conditioner.

Do not ever expect your bills to disappear, because that will never happen. Unless you have an urge to live on the streets. But, you can control some of them (to an extent) and the above methods should allow you to do just that.