Visual (picture) and audio (sound) are the two primary elements that make a video. Both of this are important in equal measure and believe it or not, the equation can never be complete if you overlooked the audio part. The better part of newbie video entrepreneurs channel all their attention to coming up with impeccable videos not knowing that placing audio matters in the back seat can make all their efforts end in futility.

Gurus in the art of video production are aware of how clear audios are the silver bullet to making projects an overall success even when the video has issues such as being pixelated, out of focus, grainy, under exposed, just to mention but a few. If this sounds like something you would like, then it is the high time you took audio matters with the seriousness it deserves.

Research has shown that videos whose quality falls in the marginal to medium class make the viewer react negatively from the onset even when picture quality is topnotch. Rather than let your videos be part of this ugly statistic, getting the audio aspect right is essential.

It should therefore go without saying that any successful video rides on the shoulders of audio quality. It is now crystal clear that audio is in real sense more important than video, and should you be of a different opinion, you will agree that it is at least important. Discussed in the article here are sure fire tips that every video producer can tap from so as to get audio whose quality is nothing short of superior.

Voice-Overs Are Reliable And Easy

The recording of high quality audio and video can be a dicey affair when done at an outdoor setting. Even so, some little preparation offers a way out of the rut as such an environment can make issues snowball into a potentially disastrous situation. When in a noisy and windy environment, the best recording option is an indoor setting (in studio) and then applying the same as a voice-over. If you are wondering what this is all about, it involves having the audio recorded off-camera at a different area followed by adding it to your video when editing time comes. This is common practice among efficacious video producers where they make use of stock video clips sold online, or those they have previously shot in place of having new recordings. The time that gets freed-up goes to addressing other pressing matters like having great audios recorded and development of killer scripts that will make the entire project a success.

Sound Booths Work Best

Echo is always an unwanted guest in this case and the best way to ensure it never gets to ruin the show is recording in a small room that is carpeted. Wall treatments such as curtains and pictures also come in handy in prevention of the characteristic harsh sound of echo. Studio recording is the way to go if a first-rate audio result is what you have in mind. A closet on the other hand will fit the bill in case you are using a make-shift recording studio.

Get The Right Tools

Bumping into ambient noises in the background as well as the wind is something that is rather expected if the project involves recording video and audio all at one go. It would be for your own good to opt for a tranquil spot and if possible, record videos when there is no trace of wind. If the wind seems not to be fading out any time soon, you can always use wind muffs as they are designed to serve as covers when in places with imperfect wind conditions. Overlooking this can be a costly mistake considering that the slightest wind noise could be all it takes to ruin the audio and editing this out can be a tall order. What is more, you could get one of those cameras that allow the user to tell the sound quality using a pair of headphones during or immediately after the recording. This can be a life saver as it is a small price to pay compared to later on realizing that what you have is something that can only find a place in the trash can.

Move Closer

Not only will drawing physically closer to the subject help wipe out background noises, but this will give better audio quality and fidelity to the sound. A body shot that is full length may appear a superior option but realize that you will be far from the mic thus resulting in lackluster audio quality. Make it a habit to always have any outdoor recording in close proximity to the camera when using mobile devices and you can rest assured of a good result.

Professional Videos Call For Professional Gear

The better part of microphones found in cameras pick up unwanted sounds from all directions as they are omnidirectional. It can even be worse when it comes to those found in mobile devices. The best way to keep this worry at bay is going for a unidirectional microphone whenever you are to record audio dialogues. Off-camera directional microphones such as those available at are usually plugged to separate audio recorders and they are a must-have whenever sound is more important than video. The other option that comes close to this is having a mic plugged to the camera. If you were to ask a professional player in the world of video content production, they will tell you how they can ever afford to work without an external mic on board.

Restoration Is Key

There are times when things go to the dogs even when there was ample preparation. It is important to ask yourself what you would do if something like air conditioner background noise found its way into an interview recording that was so well done. Thanks to technology growing in leaps and bounds in the 21st century, this need not be a cause for alarm as we nowadays have restoration software. You can have this coupled to your editing program either as a standalone application or as a plug-in to weed out any background noises in form of pops, clicks, crackles, the list is endless. You will be glad to hear that the market today offers numerous options when it comes to this each having varying capabilities in terms of detail, power, and versatility.

What Next?

If you are just getting your feet wet in video and audio recording, the aforementioned tips are eye openers that will help you learn of new concepts that you probably would never have known. In case you are one that is a veteran in this field, some of the above mentioned recommendations will help refresh your mind on areas that you perhaps every so often disregard, and could be worth your while revisiting.