You know, your life would be so much better if you had a juicer in your home. However, you shouldn’t settle for any ordinary juicer. Once you are finished here, you will know why investing in a masticating (or cold pressed) juicer is the way to go. In an ideal situation for yourself, you will then end up heading to Juicer Cruiser for assistance on narrowing down juicer selections. Before that, though, you will want to know why a masticating juicer is a strong investment.

They Offer More Juice and Nutrients

If you have ever heard someone talk about masticating juicers, then chances are they have informed you of how healthy they are. Well, they couldn’t be more right about that. Due to the fact that the fruits and vegetables you place in the juicer are not shredded by blades (which other methods do), they retain all the vitamins and enzymes. However, these types of juicers also produce more ounces of juice and pulp than the competition. This will, in turn, end up saving you money because not as much of the fruits and vegetables are being wasted.

They Are Quiet in Operation

Sometimes, the biggest drawback to certain kitchen appliances (blenders, food processors, juicers, etc.) is that they are overbearingly noisy. Although no machine is without a little bit of excess noise, masticating juicers will not cause you to have headaches in the morning. As a matter of fact, with most of them, you can easily play something in the background to overpower it. Either way, you don’t have to be hesitant to use them because you are afraid they will blow your ears up.

You Control the Quality

It’s already been addressed how many more nutrients and juice you get from these types of machines. However, as a whole, you have full control of the quality of juice you are making. Yes, you do have this ability with other juicers but they won’t output the same nutrients as a masticating juicer will. Anyway, when you make your own juice, you can decide what types of fruits and vegetables go in. Also, you can choose where you get them from. Whether this is from a local farmer’s market or organic produce, you control it. If you notice that the flavor is not very good, then you can get your ingredients from a different source.

Easy Way to Get Your Daily Fruits and Vegetables

Alright, so this reason is an advantage for any sort of juicer that you invest in. For one moment, you need to be true to yourself and answer the following question. Are you getting enough portions of fruits and vegetables every day? Don’t be ashamed if you answered no because there are millions of people around the world just like you. See, with a masticating juicer you could get your necessary proportion out of the way in one shot. All you need to do is mix and juice all of your favorites together. Not only do you reach your daily goal of fruits and vegetables (maybe even surpassing it) but you get a drink that actually tastes good!

Better Breakfast

Answer this, how much time do you dedicate for breakfast each morning? If you work a standard 8:00-5:00 work day, then you probably don’t have much time to do so. Instead of completely skipping breakfast because you don’t have the time (or grabbing an unhealthy donut at the coffee shop), invest in a masticating juicer. All you need to do is decide what you want to go into the juicer and then in no time, you have created a healthy and fast breakfast. Better yet is you can pour whatever you don’t consume into a container and drink it the rest of the day.

There aren’t too many kitchen appliances that are as useful as masticating juicers. They produce the healthiest and tastiest juice, make it easier to get your daily intake of fruits and vegetables, and offer you a quick and healthy breakfast. At this point, if you still think you have no interest in them then there is absolutely nothing that will change your mind. However, if this is your thinking you should at least find a way to try them out once.