The Leap of Faith!It was just another typical weekend, I was looking to make another batch of my amazing oatmeal and peanut butter cookies (as I normally do). I was browsing an interesting website, looking at options for my brand new mixer choice, until my phone rang. It was my best friend (who’s name is Mary, by the way), and she had some amazing news – she was going to take my cliff diving later on that day. A lot of people in my life aren’t aware of this fact, but I’m terrified of heights. I haven’t been on a roller coaster since I was 7, and even then, I wasn’t too happy about the situation if I can remember correctly. Needless to say, I told Mary that I was okay with going cliff diving, as long as the cliff wasn’t too high up. She assured me that it wasn’t, and I believed her – little did I know that the cliff we were heading to was renowned for its height. I can barely board a plane without sweating through my shirt, so I really don’t think that cliff-diving is the most optional thing for me to be doing at this point in my life. Mary told me that I needed to “face my fears”, and that’s exactly what I had planned on doing.

Mary came to my house around 3:30 in the afternoon, and we set off to to beach where the cliff was located. She told me that a few of our friends were going to meet us there, and she also told me that we would go and get milkshakes after (we have a nifty little shack around here that has amazing milkshakes, so that settle my nerves a little bit – just kidding!). I remember chuckling nervously, thinking about what would happen if I hit a rock or something when I went into the water.

Mary the Mermaid

Mary the MermaidMary is amazing when it comes to swimming, and I wouldn’t say that I’m the best swimmer. I know how to, it’s just that if a tide comes in and it’s strong enough, you probably aren’t going to see me again for an hour or two (if at all!). I probably just look at the worst possible outcome of every situation, but when you mixer water with heights, bad stuff tends to happen. I was watching a few of my friends jump off first, Carter did a somersault off of the edge and everybody thought he was nuts! Peeking over the lip of the cliff, I was expecting to see him stay down there for 10 or 15 minutes – you know, like they do in all of those horror/dramatic movies! That wasn’t the case, as Carter just popped up back out of the water and screamed out “Oh yeah!”. That’s right, he said ‘oh yeah’, and it made me want to finally conquer my cliff-diving fears.

I realized that it was all in good fun, and if Carter could do it with ease, I probably wouldn’t have any troubles. Would I be doing a somersault over the edge? No way, but I would definitely give it my best shot.

The Leap of Faith!

maxresdefaultIt was finally my turn, and I shimmied on over to the edge of the cliff. As soon as I looked down, I got a little nauseous. It wasn’t as bad as I usually get it, and I didn’t throw up right away (which happens sometimes, as embarrassing as that sounds) – it felt like the courage inside of me was finally able to come out! Mary was cheering me on, as well as everybody else who had already taken the jump down to the bottom. I held my breath, closed my eyes and made a leap for it. There’s a small clearing between the wall of the cliff and the water, so it adds a little bit to the amount of intensity that you’ll be going through.

In all honesty, I thought I was going to poop my pants. It’s like being on a roller coaster, except you aren’t strapped in (nor are you on a mechanical track). I loved it though! I owe it all to Mary, and I appreciate that.