So you want to start a blog? Perfect idea! After all, blogging is an excellent way to make good money passively. Besides, it makes you a better thinker (and writer), not to mention that you’ll have a chance to make a positive impact on your readers. Nonetheless, you have to get the basics correct from the kick go if you want to be successful. These tips will come in handy.

Find a Broad Niche

Think of your blog as a long conversation with your readers that can span for months or years. Thus, select a topic that you know one or two things about. Even then, make sure that the niche is extensive, with enough subtopics.

You can, for instance, start a blog about helping people make money online. Your subtopics may include affiliate marketing, copywriting, web design and so on. You’ll then narrow down the sub-topics depending on how your readers are reacting to what you’re writing about. Other broad niches include coaching, pets, budgeting, parenting, recipes and social media expert.

Choose a Domain Name

Now that you already know what you want to write about, the next step is to choose a domain name for your blog. One of the biggest mistakes most new bloggers make is to spend too much time trying to come up with a “killer” domain name. Ask any seasoned blogger, and they’ll tell you that a domain name doesn’t really matter when you’re starting out. You can always change it in the future.

Create a list of random word related to your niche and craft a domain name. You can even coin a name from slang words. Register the domain name, choose a web host, and you’re good to go. Visit to learn more about registering your domain name and your hosting options.

Other technicalities include installing WordPress and choosing a theme (can be free or paid).

Write Your First Post of Compelling Content

With the basics out of your way, it’s now time to write and post your first article. Of course, you want to stand out from the rest so you must create unique and helpful content. As stated, you will be conversing with your readers, so you’d better make sure that they find value in your articles. Put differently, be creative. The last thing that you want on your blog is regurgitated garbage that no one cares to read.

Other than that, keep learning and develop ways to make your blog better. Blogging is fun, so go out there and do it, NOW! All the best!