Pinterest is a unique social network that attracts a wide range of individuals. The site caters to women, who build albums full of beautiful pictures. Users collect photos they like and share them with their friends, pinning them to boards as they see fit. This creates an excellent opportunity for businesses to expose their products or services.

Because Pinterest’s user base has grown so much in the past few years, competition for attention has gotten a lot fiercer. In the past, businesses could simply post pictures with keywords and get plenty of repins, likes, shares, and followers. Now it takes a little more skill to keep people’s attention and maximize your return on investment. Here are just a few ways to help you significantly grow your Pinterest following.

Pick a Theme and Stick with It

People like browsing things that go together, but don’t think of Pinterest as a department store. Each board on a user’s profile should have its own theme, but all fit into the same category. For example, a clothing seller may be able to create a board of dresses, skirts, and tank tops; however, they may do better creating an account for each key category and then breaking it down further using boards. The dresses account could have a board for summer dresses or blue dresses. By fine-tuning your focus, you are able to captivate a highly-targeted audience.

Be Engaging

Search engines revolve around keywords; however, if you want more followers on Pinterest, you have to focus more on readability. Adding a few keywords can help you rank in Pinterest’s search, but their algorithm takes comments, likes, and repins into account. So while keywords do have a slight impact, they should not be the star of your content. Instead, ask questions or describe your photo to encourage interaction from visitors.

Be Informative

While Pinterest is a very casual social network, people still love to learn new things and tend to share pins they feel could benefit their friends. Infographics are perfect for this, as they help bring attention to a trending topic within your industry. Conduct research and find ways to include well-thought-out facts in pins to maximize your engagement.

Don’t Focus on Links

One of the biggest mistakes new businesses make is to post a link back to their website with every pin. The problem is that this looks a lot like spam and can be a big turn-off for buyers. Instead, mix unique photos with pictures of merchandise or services. Repin pictures that match the theme of your boards, attracting new visitors to your profile. Having a strong variety that centers around a theme is a huge part of the community.

When you do create links to your content, try posting a variety, rather than just sales pages. Use some of your Pinterest pictures on your blog, linking users to readable content that keeps them interested in the topic at hand. By having a variety, you are keeping your profile fresh and interesting.

Public Boards are Where It is At

What better way to get more followers on Pinterest than to be an active part of a community? Public boards are boards that have several followers that anyone can post to. By taking a few eye-catching photos per day and adding them to the board, you are gaining more exposure. If you can’t find a public board that suits your needs, you can always try making one. The more involved you become, the more boards you will be invited to join. If you are engaging and unique, you may even be invited to secret boards filled with highly-targeted users.

Optimize Each Pin

After your business has a few boards and pins, you can start measuring results. This will help you to learn which pins are the most popular with your target audience. Not only will you learn which content gets you the most followers, you will also start to see what times your audience is the most active. Don’t rely on the advice of posting once at noon and once at 5 P.M.; each audience is a little different. A tool like Pinbot can help you automate this in an easy way so go ahead and take a look at the review we wrote over here:

There are several ways to get more followers on Pinterest. While you can try every secret you can find online, the easiest way is to get active and become more involved in the community. Analyzing your performance can help you decide the best times to post and the best ways to engage your audience. Creating highly-specific profiles and boards can help you attract people with like interests, but at the end of the day, it is all about making a connection.