There are three different gadgets available for food preparation, namely food processors, stand mixers or also sometimes called food mixers and mini-choppers.

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All three types of food preparation gadget are useful for consistent food preparation taking on some of the hassle for you.  A machine can do what you can do in a fraction of the time and deliver very neat, very precise prepared ingredients for you.

Stand mixers are great for;

  • For bakers to whip up dough for breads and cookies
  • Making batter

Food processors on the other hand are great for;

Helping you out with;

  • Slicing
  • Grating
  • Chopping
  • Mixing
  • Some can do blending as well (comes with blender jug)

Mini-choppers are good at;

  • Small amounts of chopping
  • Small amounts of pureeing
  • They are also a bit smaller and can be electric or manual


A little look at more detail

When you are ready to make your purchase consider the following;

Accessories for a food processor

  • Food processors are smaller than food mixers
  • They very often come with an extra knife blade and a dough blade sometimes called a dough hook
  • They can do the job of mixing cake batter, bread dough
  • They can do whipping and whisking
  • They can do grating
  • They can do citrus pressing or juicing
  • They can come with a mill (for coffee and spices)


  • If you feel you really only want to bake bread and cakes you would be better to buy a food mixer


  • Some come with blender jar
  • Some can prepare chips for you
  • Some can make mayonnaise (better and faster than a food mixer)

Some come with mini-chopping function When you are shopping make sure the food processor can do these things as some may not do all of them, some may offer additional accessories.

Accessories for stand mixers

  • Stand mixers are big and usually will come with a big balloon whisk, dough hook and a beater
  • There main function is for dough making, cake mixing, and can help with the making of cake fillings
  • Accessories can include blender or food processor
  • Some offer additional extras such as a mincer (course and fine mincing)
  • Ice-cream bowl for going straight to the freezer
  • Citrus press for OJ
  • Grinder or mill (coffee and spices)
  • Slicer/grater
  • Yes they can come with chopping function (but not as good as food processor)
  • May include a flexi-beater to scrape the sides (great if you cannot resist trying the dough!) and no more waste
  • Also can come with splash guard, good no more decorating the walls with icing


  • Some of these accessories will push the price up considerably

Remember to check exactly what your food mixer can do, you will be upset if you want to mince some prime steak and find it does not come with a mincer!

And mini-choppers are

  • Like little food processors
  • Relatively inexpensive gadgets
  • Useful for chopping/pureeing small amounts

Wow, it is a difficult choice but not if you think about what you do in your kitchen or maybe what you want to do in your kitchen.

If you have kids then an extra ice-cream attachment is going to be useful, or perhaps you like to entertain.

Also think about how much it would cost to buy separate gadgets, a blender for example, plus a mill for spices and coffee. Then think about the cost of a food mixer or food processor.

It is probably not to think about your budget first, look at what you want to get out of your machinery.  Then make your choice on what works for you and then think budget. It will work out much more expensive if you do not get the right appliance. There is nothing worse than buyer’s remorse or having a large gadget gathering dust somewhere because it just doesn’t do the jobs you need doing.

Also look at what you already have, if you have a good working blender there is no point in getting a standard machine with blender jug.

For some of you, the choice will be relatively easy, for some it may be more difficult so follow the link at the top of the page for further help.