Nowadays, people are exploring a broad range of avenues to make money by providing services that are not commonly available in the business sector. There are a number of advantages that come with starting and operating your own business, with decent income generation and liberty to work at your own convenience among them. Some people start massage parlors, tattoo studios, catering services, as well as many other businesses. Well, laser engraving is one business that’s not commonly found in many areas.

Starting your laser engraving business

These days, laser engraving has become one of the hottest small businesses around. This business is all about creating designs on various products using the laser engraving technique. The materials you can work on include metal, steel, wood, glass, plastic, stone, etc. The good news about starting this kind of business is that it has a huge potential for success. Today, laser engraving services and systems are steadily increasing in the market, so make sure to capitalize on this business opportunity as soon as you can.


While it’s quite easy to operate a laser engraving system, you need to learn the basics. You can learn laser engraving in many ways, like doing a job part-time at a relevant shop, and training at a junior or community college. The best way to learn this skill is to get coaching lessons direct from laser engraving equipment manufacturers. Some companies provide brief on-site lessons from an expert. You can also take online lessons to familiarize yourself with laser engraving. You can even buy instructional DVDs and learn how laser engraving works. Learn all you need to know about how the machine works, how it is operated, and how to troubleshoot it. As various creative software applications are needed, you also might need training on the same.

Business planning

After you understand how the business works, it’s time to come up with a business plan. Have a rough idea of what services you’ll provide, the price for each service, cost of resources, personnel required, and business location. Considering your budget, decide whether the business will be small or large. This helps you start the business virtually, organize and create customer service policies.

Finances and resources

Now, this is the most important aspect of the business: securing finances and resources. This business usually requires three things, namely a powerful computer, a laser engraving machine, and a suite of relevant graphics software. Remember that laser engraving systems are fairly expensive. If you opt to purchase a machine, you may need to spend a few thousand dollars for setups and tens of thousands for high-end machines.

However, the best option would be to lease the system for a couple hundred dollars a month. You may also need to buy licensed versions of graphic design software. Make sure to open a bank account for your business to help you carry out business transactions.

Paperwork and registration

As with any business, you need to finalize the registration formalities stipulated in the law. Decide whether you want the business registered as a partnership firm or a sole proprietorship. It is best to consult a tax adviser or attorney who specializes in registering businesses. You may need to consult the county authorities and Secretary of State to complete the formalities of having your business registered.


The secret to making your laser engraving business thrive is to promote it in the best way you can. There are lots of simple and cheap options you can think of, such as advertising in the newspaper or building a website. Distribute leaflets in places you think you’ll get good business, such as shopping complexes and college campuses. Be sure to provide quality services, which will make customers publicize your business. You may even display you past projects on your site to attract new customers. Get feedback from clients and ask for referrals from them.

Most people love the idea of customizing their items through engraving, which is one of the reasons this business is popular. Hopefully you’ve now fully understood how to set up this interesting business using machines that etch or mark using lasers. Laser engraving can be one of the best services you ever provide part-time, and you can earn a decent amount of income out of it.