Wedding photography is often a tricky topic. With their being two people in each relationship opinions can vary wildly as to who is the best person to go with or just how much you are willing to pay for someone to help you create memories of your big day! That is why it is so important to do your research and find the photographer that is right for you. You have to ensure that they are perfect in every aspect. Their customer service, their price, and of course how well you click with them before the wedding takes place. Fortunately for you, we are here to help. Today we will be taking a look at Blue Blend Photography and seeing if they can help you on your big day!

Services Offered

Blue Blend is a compact but very experienced team of photographers. With only 4 photographers in the whole company one of the key things you are getting is accountability. All four members of the team are very experienced in their field, but if there is a picture or two which you are not happy with, you will know exactly the name of the person that took it and be able to come to a satisfy conclusion! The team here are able to offer you almost any kind of photography you want on the day. If you want to be photographed in front of a waterfall, they will be able to do that. If you want a moving shot whilst travelling past on a horse and carriage, they will be able to do that too! The point is that they will be able to do almost anything you ask of them!

What have other people been saying?

To cut a long story short here, everyone who has used Blue Blend has found them to be very good if not better! They have been given five star ratings from people for their quality of service, their responsiveness to clients, their professionalism, and their flexibility so you know you are getting a good all-round service here!


Price is often something that people worry about when looking at wedding photographers, but Blue Blend’s prices are very reasonable. They start at $1,900 for a partial day wedding package, and the price for a full day wedding package is less than double this starting at just $3,500. The team also offer an a la carte by the hour service on some occasions, so it is well worth checking if they can do this for you! The team can also help you out if you want pictures for engagements or bridal parties and these start at $400, so it is just a case of calling up and asking!


Blue Blend can cover almost all of your wedding day photography needs and they can cover them well. If you ask with this team, you will most probably receive, and as the harshest critics can often be older clients, it says a lot that everyone that Blue Blend has worked with has only had positive words to say about them! All that’s left is for everyone to bunch up close now and say cheese!