If you are a piano player who is looking for the best portable keyboards then you should consider the Yamaha brand. This does not mean that they are the only ones within the market but their features will rarely disappoint you whether you are an experienced player or a beginner. In our discussion below, we have outlined some of the best portable keyboards 2015 from these manufacturer that you can consider next time you will be out shopping for the same.

Yamaha YPG – 535 Portable grand keyboard

Portable KeyboardsYamaha YPG -535 Portable grand keyboard has all the features that you may require to enjoy playing this device. To begin, the keyboard has a champagne gold body as well as a soft touch action type of keyboard. It also features high-resolution samples like most of the stereo pianos together with different resistance levels. The one touch setting allows you to get the best voice setting. The other desirable features that accompany this piano include USB connectivity, memory, and full keyboard modes and tracks recorder. The performance assistance technology will equally make you to fall in love with this gadget on the first day that you will lay your finger on its keyboard. Once you shop for this piano, playing any style of music will not be something that will trouble you anymore. The lightweight piano is only 37 Pounds heavy making it to be one of the most portable instruments that may come across. In addition, this piano is very simple to use because it comes with lyric, chord and clear notation displays.

Yamaha piaggero NP31 portable keyboard

Yamaha piaggero NP31If you are looking for a slim, lightweight and portable keyboard, then you should shop for Yamaha piaggero NP31 portable keyboard. The keyboard provides a classical Yamaha tone with the full sized keys. The gadget operates with 6 AA type of batteries therefore there is no need for having a power outlet once you buy this model of keyboard. Its keyboard design makes it very easy for use and the dedicated voice selection keys allows for production of quality sound. In addition, the soft touch action of the keyboard stimulates its resistance. The built in metronome adds to the appeal of this lovely device such that you will not afford to ignore. It also features advanced wave memory sampling technology that enables you to come up with sampled sounds.

Yamaha YPG – 235 portable keyboard

Yamaha YPG-235 portable keyboard is yet another amazing keyboard from Yamaha for you. It has earned recognition for premium sound quality, clarity as well as portability. Apart from the impressive sound quality of this keyboard, it has a digital signal processing system that allows for production of digital effects. Moreover, it features 30 built in songs that will guide to be a better piano player especially if you are using the instrument for the first time. The Yamaha proprietary suite provided with the keyboard will enable you to continuously more about this device thus improving on your skills. You can connect the keyboard to your PC or MAC computer for better experiences.